Al-Dar Holding is a versatile and innovative privately owned group of diversified companies headquartered in Dubai, UAE. With an international outlook and global ambitions, it has adhered to a strategy of growth through diversification and consolidation since its inception in 1900.

Incorporated in 1900 in the Portuguese East African city, Lourenco Marcques, Al-Dar Holding has since been based in Dubai, U.A.E. for the last 40 years. Over the years, Al-Dar Holding has earned a reputation of being a forward-thinking and agile group of companies. The Al-Dar philosophy has been identified with the ability to create a highly agile family run concern characterized by considerable flexibility and capacity for adaptation to economic, technological, and market evolution.

While encouraging fierce desire for innovation and dedication, Al-Dar goes beyond a product orientation approach to a commitment to provide the highest level of quality service to its clients. Family traditions combined with Professional management and a good team environment have enabled Al-Dar to be at the forefront of the industries it operates in.

Strength and tenacity are the adjectives which best interpret the charisma of the Al-Dar brand. While Abdul Karim, our founding father and grandfather, represented an important step in the history of the company, the new course set by his sons has led the company to a radical overhauling of its core business and its expansion strategies. Today, through its brand, Al-Dar Holding expresses a prestigious identity which is at the same, a beacon of our 100 year history and a beacon for our next 100 years.

116Years of Excellence

Our mission is to provide long term capital growth to our stakeholders by means of diversification and mitigating risks as much as possible.

Our Philosophy

From simple beginnings, Al-Dar Holding has grown into a institution of respected investment managers and business developers in the region. Firmly rooted in the rich culture and traditions of the family, we have remained true to the corporate principles, core values and overall vision established by the original family members who founded the organization.

We have benefited from and contributed to the astounding success of the UAE. Walking the fine line between strategic growth and core stability, we have seen our business evolve from an individual company into a consolidated group overseeing profitable, socially responsible subsidiaries in several industries. Building for future generations, we are laying a foundation for sustainable success, while always adhering to our social and economic commitments to our society.

As a dynamic and flexible organization, we are constantly developing successful partnerships, implemented through the strength and determination of our exceptional team at every level of our organization. We believe that the world is our local market, and remain focused on a global growth agenda that has been at the core of our corporate roots since the very beginning.

Core Values

We work hard every day to grow our group and contribute to the economic growth of our society. A shared vision and core values cut across all our companies to help us deliver unsurpassed quality, service and value to our clients and partners. Our integrity and commitment to excellence is absolute, highlighted by the following seven corporate principles:

  1. 1
    Cultural Pride

    We are ambassadors of our culture, within our community and to the world. It enriches our values, creating a platform for our growth and success.

  2. 2
    Shared Responsibility

    The health of our communities and our natural environment is a priority second to none. We join hands with our clients and partners to stand accountable for our actions, ensuring that our operations have a positive impact that extends beyond the balance sheet.

  3. 3
    Equitable Partnership

    We grow through partnerships. We can only achieve our ambitions by forming and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial agreements with exceptional local and international organizations that share our values and vision.

  4. 4
    Sustainable Profitability

    Our success today must be a step towards even greater heights. The profitability of our businesses allows us to continue to play a role in the long-term success of our society.

  5. 5
    Uncompromising Integrity

    We expect our people to always maintain the highest ethical standards in all activities, both inside and outside of the business environment.

  6. 6
    Collective Ingenuity

    We are raising the bar every day. Through a corporate culture based on innovation, creativity and supportive team spirit, we find better ways to achieve our goals and delight our stakeholders.

  7. 7
    Unsurpassed Quality

    Quality is our commitment. We build on our strengths, address our weaknesses, and never stop working until the job is done right.


Even after all these years, Al-Dar Holding maintains the close-knit culture that sparked the original success of our family business. At every level of our organization and within each of our subsidiary companies, we take the time to ensure that we have the right person in every position.

Then we give them the structure, resources, training and support that they need to excel. Only in this way, with passionate employees acting as a unified team dedicated to achieving common objectives, can we build on today’s success and make steady progress towards the global Al-Dar of tomorrow.


Brief History of Our Company


Company Founded in Portuguese East Africa by Abdul Karim Gadit.


The company’s first trademark and brand, Mercury Brand, was established.


Moved the headquarters and main operations to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Al-Dar Holding, the parent company was established.


Al-Dar Health, the company’s healthcare investment and operation subsidiary was established.