General Business Activities

Al-Dar Textile Group is a group of companies first established in the year 1900 in Portuguese East Africa that has since moved its headquarters to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1970. Our traditional business model is based on designing, sourcing, and curating quality fashion and apparel fabrics, from every textile producing country in the world, to offer our clients the best choice and variety. We offer a vast range of textile products to cater to a wide variety of customer segments within the region. Our products are available throughout the region through an extensive sales network, consisting of 14 showrooms across the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and through our network of agents and distributors. The textile group also extends a range of trade facilitation services to both its customers and for manufacturers.

Each division within the textile group specializes to service specific consumer and/or business segments. This strategy of consolidation and specialization enables the textile group to establish a more integrated, collaborative, and service-oriented approach. Each division employs a dedicated and specialized team that is recruited, trained, and motivated to accurately service their specialized business segments, thus allowing for a deeper market understanding and insights that translates into improved sourcing and service efficiency.

The textile group carries a complete range of products and qualities to cater to both volume manufacturers and specialized boutiques and haut coutures through its prestigious private labels and with an always ready inventory of its entire textile range from the world’s top manufacturers.

Company Strategy


To provide quality textile products and services catering to the best and most renowned fashion brands within the region, and always exceeding their expectations by consistently generating value and growth through our extensive expertise in the process of designing, sourcing, and manufacturing of textile and fashion products.


To maintain and grow our legacy as always being pioneers, innovators, and leaders within the global textile marketplace by providing better choices to our customers and better value to our stakeholders, while remaining true to our values of integrity, honesty, and trust in our business dealings.

The Mercury Brand Logo is the company’s first established Trademark, dating back to 1920. The trademark is still used today by the textile group.

Present Textile Market Conditions

While Dubai, UAE has strong historical roots in the global textile trade, fierce competition due to globalization and the free flow of information have manifested new challenges to this traditional market. Nevertheless, the UAE textile industry remains the country’s largest trading sector after oil with trade within the industry valued at AED 7.5 Billion (USD 2.04 Billion) in the first half of 2015 alone.

While competition continues to increase, as leaders within this changing landscape, we, as a group, are able to retain or top position within the market and continue to grow. We achieve this through:

  • Continuous innovation in our product and service offerings through collaboration with our customers and suppliers.
  • Extending current product ranges and working constantly to identify and develop new product lines.
  • Fostering our relationship with new and existing suppliers.
  • Focusing on maintaining and improving quality while maintaining a fair value proposition for all our stakeholders.
  • Investing in generating value chain efficiencies through increased product and business performance analysis and streamlining.